>> Saturday, April 3, 2010

I am sure most of you know that I shoot my wedding with the most amazing photographer my
son SakoSan and I am sharing his and my work together so you can get an idea what an awesome
team we are together.
Ok I wanted to share this wedding with you guys because these are my love birds couple. They are so in love! They were so amazing on the day of the wedding, full of life, energy and passion.
One thing I want to let you know that I left this wedding as is just like we shot without any
special effects. I used basic photo shop to make my bride and groom look flawless.
I think the classic look to the images is better because you are looking at the
real thing that happened that day not some fake special effects image with fake skies that
makes it look like a fairytale which will be out of style and you will get tired of looking at them.
You want to look at your wedding images and remember the moment that was very special for
you guys, and again as I always say the expressions is very important in the eyes.


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